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The differences between play roulette online and live it

Play roulette online

Roulette is the oldest existing slot machine. Blaise Pascal created it in 1655 when he worked on the creation of the perpetual motion machine. In 1789 the roulette appeared in the USA. The ability to play roulette online appeared in 1994 in the Gaming Club.

American roulette has two zeros, while the European roulette has one zero. It is different from them. The chances of winning European roulette are higher.

About Roulette

Roulette has 36 numbers, which are consecutively red and black. Zero has not any color. The online play casino roulette game always goes against the casino, so the number of other players and their bets do not matter.

Bets and wins

The player makes one or any number of bets. Bets and winnings are:

• Red/Black wins 1 to 1
• Even/Odd wins 1 to 1
• (1-18)/(19-36) wins 1 to 1
• Columns/Dozens wins 2 to 1
• Sixline wins 5 to 1
• Comer wins 8 to 1
• Street wins 11 to 1
• Split wins 17 to 1
• Straight Up wins 35 to 1
• Zero wins 35 to 1.

Slots vs. Live

There is a fundamental difference between the play roulette online and live roulette. The ball of live roulette gets to some number under the influence of the laws of physics.

Its movement is subject to the principles of chaos and depends on the numbers that fell before and the positions of the roulette wheel. There experienced players who can guess these numbers.

Online Roulette: main aspects

The play roulette online has not a real ball and other elements. The winning number determines by the pseudo-random number generator. It is a complex mathematical function that depends on the exact time when the button was pressing. The animation on the screen does not matter.

There were cases when high-class programmers found a way to pick up the code of the pseudo-random number generator and win large sums in online roulette play. It is not customary to talk about it. Most of these specialists, now occupy leading positions in the security services of online casinos, the NSA or prison cells.

It is important

Online casinos do not work strategies created to predict the winning number in live roulette. Here is the bid management.

Strategy play roulette online

Of course, it’s a martingale. The player makes a small bet on Red/Black, Even/Odd, (1-18)/(19-36). It doesn’t matter what. In the case of winning, the user makes the same bet again. In the case of losing, hi make it is double. If after that there was a win, the next bet minimum. If it was lost, the next bet is double once more.


  1. If you won the bet minimum
  2. If you have lost the bet doubles
  3. The minimum possible bet in the game playing online roulette.

The last rule is due to the fact there is a limit playing roulette online for money of bets. If it reaches, doubling will be impossible and the game lost.

If you apply this strategy to Straight Up bets:

  • 35×1
  • 17×2
  • 8×3
  • 4×4
  • 2×5
  • 1×6


The pseudo-random number generator cannot provide the same probability for all numbers. It is due to the rounding of the calculation results.

If you hold a long session of games in one casino and on one roulette play online, you can determine which numbers fall out more often.

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