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Free American roulette: winning probability and features.

Free American roulette has one important difference from the European one — the presence of one more section of green with two Zeros, which is called Double Zero. In case of a ball hit in this sector, the casino takes all bets. Zero and Double Zero are located on opposite sides of the wheel.

The presence of 00 increases the probability of a casino winning all bets up to 5.26%. There is a rule in some American casinos there is a rule, however: “red”, “black” bets, and those that imply a probability of winning of approximately 47.37%, when a Double Zero comes out, the player gets half of the bet.

Free American roulette features

The classic version of free American roulette has a field of standard sizes with a set of specific areas for betting, as well as a wheel rotating during the game process (there are certain sections on which numbers from one to 36 are transferred, as well as two Zeroes: and 00). All available cells (except for 0 and 00) are painted in red and black (through one), while the Zeros are green.

All the rest 36 numbers (painted in the corresponding colors) are arranged in the shape of a rectangle, conventionally divided into 3 columns. As for the Zeros, they are in the upper part of the scoreboard and do not fit into the rectangle a bit. Besides, the other bets here present bets of American Roulette:

  • Even/Odd (often chosen bets in free American roulette);
  • Red/Black;
  • 1-18 and 19-36;
  • Internal;
  • External.

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