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Main rules for learning to play roulette

You can win quickly and easily in every type of roulette. The winning potential in online casinos is very large, especially if you use various betting strategies to learn how to play roulette and get winnings. So, roulette is traditionally considered a noble and intellectual game, such a queen of gambling.

The main rules to play roulette and get winnings

The game begins when players make their bets. Bets can be placed only within the available limits. As soon as the bets are made, the wheel turns. A ball rushes at him in the middle. As soon as the wheel stops, the ball takes a position on a certain number. The number on which the ball is located determines the outcome of a particular round. This is an interesting thing to play roulette games by the most well-known slot creators Playtech and NetEnt when you know all bet types.

There are various types of bets:

  • Internal bets. If the bets are made on a specific number or group of numbers – this is an internal bet. If the bet is made on two numbers, and the chip is placed on the line dividing these numbers, this is called a straight. You can also make a split bet by placing it on 3 adjacent numbers. It is possible to play roulette and to put bets on 6 numbers if gamer wants. This internal bet is called six-line. In a casino, where possible, a bet of 6 numbers is the most common among players.
  • External bets. They are usually done on a greater number of outcomes. They may include color, even-odd numbers, a multiple of two, and others. Even though payments on them are less, these are safe bets. That is why beginners are advised to start with external bets. The possibility of losing on such bets is less, and this makes it possible to learn more about how to play roulette online. Most external bets are paid as 1 to 1. Although several options, such as a bet on a column or a bet on one of the dozens, are paid as 2 to 1.

Roulette variations and their distinctive features

There are several types of roulette in a virtual casino:

  1. European.
  2. American.
  3. French.
  4. Roulette without zero.
  5. Roulette Pro.

There are 37 sectors (the numbers from 1 to 36 or “o”, zero) in European roulette. Zero is able to give the basic advantage of the casino in the online format. All bets on a roll of “0” instantly lose. This approach brings the casino a certain percentage of winnings (2.7%) of the bets made on European roulettes.

American roulette has 38 sectors on the disk (from 1 to 36, including “double zero”, 00). Bets are lost if “zero” or “double zero” occurs. It is so easy to play roulette of this kind. The advantage in this type of roulette is 5.26%. In this regard, American roulette is much less popular among players.

French roulette has 37 sectors on the disc, as well as the European one. In the event that a zero occurs, a casino can offer a special compensation which consists in half of its initial bet, to a player who has bet on this sector. This nuance makes French roulette popular and profitable for players.

Roulettes without a zero can be called the most honest. Their difference from other varieties of roulettes lies in the fact that there is no zero on the game disc. There are only 36 sectors on it.

You need to make a bet and start the wheel in roulette pro, after the ball lands in a certain sector of the cell – the winning number will be announced. If your bet is played, you will receive a cash prize, the value of which will correspond to the coefficient of the played bet.

The best way to play roulette is to know all rules and strategies in it. All described roulette varieties are very popular and bring substantial profit, both to the players and online casinos. So, choose the type you like and play roulette for fun.

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